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A Boaters Guide To

Southern California is recognized worldwide as an excellent vacation spot with stunning beaches, breathtaking amusement parks, and unmatched cinema attractions -- but boaters have unique needs and interests than the average landlubber. Those who enjoy the open water have a different perspective on things.

There are six different Marina del Rey yacht clubs, each with different amenities, options, and functions: The California Yacht Club, the Del Rey, The Marina Venice, Pacific Mariners, Santa Monica/Windjammers, and The South Coast Corinthian. To find the ideal club for you, start by assessing your interests and then looking for the Marina del Rey yacht clubs that caters to your interests.

Advantages of a Boat Club

Nothing can match the sensation an individual gets once they are captaining their own yacht across the quiet waters of the sea. Whereas this feeling is often extremely sought after it can prove tough to enjoy this expertise on an everyday basis as you're forced to compete with high rental fees for a 1 day or afternoon trip and competition with other individuals wanting to satisfy their own sailing needs. Not to mention the poor circumstance that many of those yachts are in with the continuous use and exposure to totally different individuals with totally different points of sailing experience. The poor circumstances of the rental expertise almost makes it not worth the tour and this is sad for a personal who encompasses a true obsession for sailing. Fortunately for the passionate sailing individual trying to flee the negative atmosphere of rental sailing there exists opportunities in a boat club or yacht club.

All About Chartering

Super Yachts, generally defined as luxury yachts over 80 feet in length, are the equivalent of floating private five star hotels, with no expense spared. Today's Super Yachts offer high speed Internet connections, Plasma Screen TVs with satellite video on demand, superb chefs that cook to your exact specifications, all the water "toys" such as jet skis, water skiing, scuba gear and wind surfers. Their interiors are often created by name designers, and offer rooms for every need - offices, kids rooms (with Nanny's quarters, of course), glorious master suites, separate decks for sunning, hot tubbing, and dining, and lavishly appointed salons and dining rooms. Crew members often outnumber guests and offer unending hospitality. Some Super Yachts even have their own beauticians, masseuses and SCUBA diving instructors.

Boat Club Concept

With many would-be boaters minding their budgets, Port Harbor Marine saw this season as an opportunity to launch their new boat and yacht club in Maine, a timely alternative to boat ownership that maximizes the benefits of the boating experience while eliminating many of the responsibilities of yacht ownership.

Port Harbor's President, Rob Soucy, said the concept grew out of the company's successful rental campaign at all 5 of their locations across Maine. "We figured the boat club concept would be well received and appeal to a more local crowd," said Soucy. "The membership allows people who have been thinking about owning a boat / yacht, but who are not quite ready to make the full commitment and purchase, an opportunity to get into the sport at a fraction of the cost."

Boating Safety With Life Jackets

85% of boating accident victims who drown were not wearing life jackets. This can be prevented by everyone wearing a life jacket or PFD, personal flotation device.

I would like to tell you a short story of my own that reinforces that you should wear life jackets or some type of personal flotation device at all times when boating. Quite a few years ago the yacht club I belong to decided to start an new fleet of sail boats to race on the weekends They decided on the nineteen foot Flying Scot .

The first summer we used the boats everything was going very well. And then one weekend we had a very windy day and because the boats were new we decided to race them and see if they could handle the high winds. For the most part the boats handle the high winds very well but we did have two boats capsize.

Catalina Yachts

People in most parts of the world wait for the summer season. They become happy about their summer vacations as summer is the season to enjoy the outdoor activities which is most of the time boating.

Most of the people have the desire to own a yacht and head to the beach for an adventure ride. If you are one among those then Catalina Yachts are among the top yachts on the planet and are looked upon favorably at any Yacht club. These boats are recognized by their luxurious interiors, which have ample space for a whole family, while still featuring extremely high performance. Basically, these boats have all of the features of a larger boat, except they are created in a much smaller package, making them easier to handle and store.

Catalina Yachts Choices

When it comes to identifying the best yachts in the sailing industry, different yachts pale compared when put next to the wonder of Catalina Yachts. Catalina Yachts represent the most advanced and high-level yachts currently out there in the market. For sailboat owners looking to get the finest yachts presently out there, they usually top the list. Where most sailboat owners delay with reference to getting their own Yachts is with the price of the vessel. Make no mistake, when you purchase the best product out there in any market it often is connected with the best price tag within the market. For the sailboat enthusiast who has a real desire to sail the best Yachts there are two paths of opportunity, yacht or boat club.

Charter A Yacht From

Charter A Yacht From Yacht Clubs In FloridaВ В  by lorrieristow1

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Whether you own a yacht or not, you can become a member of one of the many exclusive yacht clubs in Florida. A yacht is a luxury vehicle that many people have enjoyed using for vacations and recreation as well as for business meetings or to get to know potential clients. For those who prefer not to deal with the upkeep and maintenance themselves, as members of elite yacht clubs in Florida, they can make arrangements for the club to do the maintenance on the boat whenever it is docked at one of the slips at the marina. Not only will they perform routine maintenance on the engine and other mechanical parts, but they can do all the detailing necessary to keep it looking new.However, if you do not own a yacht, you will find that many yacht clubs in Florida will rent you a charter yacht for a period of time. This is one way to enjoy yachting occasionally without having to worry about the purchase and upkeep of the boat. Not only that, you can select just the right boat for the occasion. Some of the amenities included on luxury yachts that are available for charters from yacht clubs in Florida may include a crew to man the boat, guest cabins and crew facilities, a dining room and galley, one or more salons, a bar with a staff, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and sun deck, exercise facilities and just about anything else you can think of that would be enjoyable for you and your guests.Renting a luxury yacht charter from yacht clubs in Florida gives you options for vacations or business trips or any occasion. You can decide which marina to start from and where you want to go and for how long. Your choice will include the size of the yacht, whether you prefer one that accommodates just a few people or if you want one that can handle 14 or more in the available cabins. Different sizes may need to berthed at docks at only certain marinas. Some yacht clubs in Florida have slips for yachts 120 feet long, and some do not, so you will want to be sure to find out where you can go and where you may not be able to dock based on the size of the chartered yacht.One of the other benefits of chartering your yacht through yacht clubs in Florida is that fact that you and your guests can also participate in all of the activities that are available at the club. Whether it is dining in the first class restaurant, swimming in the oversized pool, playing tennis with the pros, using the ultra modern fitness equipment or getting a relaxing massage, you will be able to find ways to enjoy yourself on land as well as at sea. Some yacht clubs in Florida even offer concerts on the weekend with big-name artists. This can be a great way to culminate the perfect vacation or the ultimate business trip.

Choose A Caribbean

When choosing a Caribbean charter yacht, there are three categories of yachts. They are power yachts, sailing yachts and multihull sailing yachts, such as catamarans and trimarans. You can also have a special Caribbean charter to learn about the art of sailing a yacht. This will give you the knowledge and training you need to charter a yacht all on your own without the need of a captain and crew. When you book a Caribbean charter yacht, you can browse the yacht catalog to choose the yacht that best meets your needs.

You can choose a Caribbean yacht charter that specializes in bringing passengers to the best scuba diving locations. This type of yacht has all the space you need for storing your equipment as well as staterooms and a dining room. If you are new to scuba diving, you can take lessons from the skilled crew of the Caribbean yacht charter and get the instruction that you need. There are times when you can just relax on the deck of the Caribbean charter yacht or enjoy trips onshore to experience the true Caribbean culture.

Choosing a Yacht Where

There's nothing more liberating than setting sail on the open sea. For thousands of years, the sea has been a life source for millions of people, and an escape from the pressures of life on land.

There is a myriad of possibilities when it comes to purchasing and customising a Yacht. Consider a few important factors to help you make some of the main decisions.

Buying New or Used?

A major point for consideration when deciding between a new or used Yacht is the time it takes to receive your Yacht. A new Yacht can take a considerable amount of time to be delivered, while a used Yacht will most likely be ready and waiting in the dock.